What can more OSRS gold bring?

Here is the glass along with OSRS gold the Armalite Ore. Mani builds a giant magnifying glass and sets the ore beneath. Thank you for your help constructing this laminated glass. It should help me a great deal with smelting! Should you ever have ores needing smelting, I will do it for you at an affordable cost! No problem!

Head into the expansive tree. Speak to Blueberry. Ask “Have you ever heard of a Chocolate Tuesday?” It is funny you should mention that! Someone offered me yesterday. Far better than the usual Chocolate Saturday! Do you have it? I’m afraid not! I drank it so that I could work out the ingredients. And what exactly are they? They are the same as a Chocolate Saturday, but following its poured, you add a few muscadavo sugars! It truly adds flavor!

It’s possible to speak to him and ask where to get muscadavo sugar. Where can I get muscadavo glucose from? I liked the drink a lot, I purchased a buddy to start growing some sugar canes. He’s at the west of this stronghold, south of the Gnome Ball Field.

Head to the west of the stronghold, and find the sugar limitation. Speak to Blurberry’s friend (he will stop you if you attempt to go into the patch). Burberry’s Friend: Hey, you can’t go in there! Burberry’s Friend: Oh, ok. Go right in. Pick some sugar, and create a Chocolate Saturday. Combine them to make your Chocolate Tuesday. These cure 10hp, +5 to strength, and –3 to assault when made. Take your things to the professor.

I have the items! Wonderful! Put them in the cauldron over there! Put the items at the cauldron. Now fill out a vial and cheap RuneScape gold allow me to drink it! Get a vial from a desk, and fill it with all the potion. Use it on the professor. Thanks greatly! This is the reward! I’ve read the rules and nowhere does it say I can not post a topic like this. To any mod, I broke some rules plz DONT CLOSE, pm and that I will change whatever doesn’t confide with the principles

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