Rocket League is continuing its spree of events with another Fortnite crossover

Rocket League Sideswipe already looks good based on its brief alpha footage, and the core experience is closely related to the phenomenon that has been a multiplayer success for over five years now. There’s a lot of potential in this kind of design, too, with quick pick-up-and-play experiences in high demand forĀ Rocket League Items mobile game users. Porting the raucous gameplay of Rocket League to mobile through a 2D perspective is an ingenious solution for one of the biggest challenges on mobile platforms – scale – and should open up exciting possibilities in gameplay, too.

Rocket League is continuing its spree of events with another Fortnite crossover. And if you thought the cosmetics from the first Llama-Rama event were bold, wait until you set your sights on the new Rocket League rewards. The second Rocket League Llama-Rama event is headlined by Kaskade, who bringsĀ LOLGA his musical talent to the game, along with a collection of customization items.

The next Llama-Rama kicks off in Rocket League on March 25 and runs until April 9. Just going into Rocket League during the event will score you the Top Llama ME Topper for free. Plus, players will be able to complete the Llama-Rama Event Challenges to unlock some of the new cosmetics.v

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