My idea is a brand new range/melee weapon

Reward. For beating this quest you receive the ability to cast the spell contain and accessibility to the pit where you can runecraft space and time runes (with 65 runecrafting). What do you believe? Well for a start I will tell you that I’ve been granted permission by a mod to RS gold post this so dont tell me that theres a sticky for it.

My idea is a brand new range/melee weapon. How to make: It would be a participant made weapon. It could be made by creating a longbow from any type of log that’s normally use to generate a long bow. When you have a longbow then you could make a blade from most kinds of metal in runescape (bronze-rune). Once you’ve the blade then you’ll Use the blade using the longbow. The blade that it is possible to connect into the bow is based upon the type of timber that the bow is made from. (The stronger the timber the stronger the metal you may use) This would create the sharpbow (maybe a better name later). It would also utilize a new sort of arrow called a arrow. These are slightly longer than a normal arrow and could be wholly metal. The arrows that you might use would depend on the longbow that you make to strike the blade to.

Emote Modifications. Thieving: A secure will fall from the skies and land before you, then you’ll place your ear from the secure and attempt to crack it (sort of like the wall safe in the rogues den). You will then open it and extract a hand full of gold jewelry/silver jewelry, and also a golden tiara with all the forces of a blood talisman bount into it, and then you are going to hold this up in the atmosphere, then everything disappears.

Firemaking: You may open your hands and create 4 fireballs (2 in each hand), and begin to juggle them for a couple seconds. You then will catch themand quckly clamp your palms together and there’ll be a small orange explosion followed with a fizzing from your hands. Fishing: Change the fish that you catch to a shark. You may form an X in front of your chest with your arms then swing them into your sides to create a T shape with your body, and then you’ll be covered with OSRS buy gold a colorful setting and lava will burst out of the ground from under you. You’ll be standing on the lava and you will clap your hands and it will freeze. Then you will jump and the lava will probably shatter.

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