How to report a cheater in Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is now Patch 0.12.9. When everyone returns to the beginning of the game, the abnormal behavior of the cheaters and their supporters will be more obvious. If you are killed by a suspected cheater or find other in-game violations. Please follow the steps below to report immediately.

How to report a cheater in Escape from Tarkov?

What can we do when we encounter cheaters in the game?
Read this tutorial, learn to report suspicious behavior, so that we can fight against those who break the rules of the game more!

1. If you are killed by someone who is suspected of being cheated, you should first report it through the report button on the settlement interface. Please cherish the opportunity to report and do not report indiscriminately.

2. Please use the screenshot button provided in the game to take a screenshot (the default location for saving screenshots is “My Documents”-Escape from Tarkov-Screenshots), and record the ID of the cheater.

3. Open the launcher (you can directly click on the taskbar in the lower right corner, you don’t have to quit the game deliberately)
Click the “Report Bug” button below

4. Select the category of “report cheaters”, fill in the ID of the suspicious player, and upload a screenshot using the in-game screenshot button, and explain the current situation or related details in the large text box next to it.
(Please keep it as concise and clear as possible, such as he killed me through a wall. If you suspect it is a gold trading player, please upload relevant evidence.)
(If you have a screen video, please upload it to YouTube or domestic video sites, such as station B, and paste the link in the description area.)

5. The default time is the time when the bug report interface is opened, or you can choose it manually.

6. Check all “Game Client Logs” below

7. Click “Submit” after confirmation

8. After submission, please pay attention to the follow-up message feedback, if necessary, follow the instructions of the support staff to follow-up steps.

At this point, you have completed an effective report. Thank you for your contribution to Escape from Tarkov! And then, If you want to buy Tarkov Roubles, You can click here.

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