How to hide shortcuts key for new players in Escape from Tarkov?

What are the hidden shortcuts key of Escape from Tarkov? Today, Eznpc brought a list of hidden shortcuts for Escape from Tarkov. Interested players will come and learn about it!

How to hide shortcuts key for new players in Escape from Tarkov?

List of hidden shortcuts to Escape from Tarkov:

In the game battle, the gun ALT+L folds faster than TAB opens the backpack. The ALT+L folds in advance and the backpack is the most efficient.

Ctrl+left mouse button can quickly pick up the items on the corpse, and it is also suitable for quickly putting them into the warehouse and taking it out of the warehouse.

Del key one key to open things and throw things.

Alt+Left mouse to quickly EFT equip.

TRL+Right mouse to adjust the low-power and high-power lens.

ALT+Right click to adjust the magnification of a single high-magnification lens (provided that the scope supports multiple magnifications), if it is a single-magnification lens, adjust the sight mode. (Small details, different mirrors, high magnification, and sight modes can still be adjusted in the unopened state, and individual one-fold lenses and most high-power lenses can be observed in the unopened state to determine the magnification and mode. For example, in MRS one-fold lens The base will have a thumbnail, and the high magnification lens will have some adjustment device position changes)

ALT+T to view the magazine, R+mouse wheel to accurately select the magazine, double-click the R key to quickly change the magazine (the magazine will fall to the ground), ALT+A (D) can adjust the sideways range. (Continue to maintain the posture without long pressing, press QE to immediately switch back to the body)

ALT+Q(E) leaned forward. (You need to keep pressing the button when you take a step to the side, and you can quickly withdraw to the original position when you release it. The exposed part of the QE probe is more but better. The LAB pistol is often used for white prostitution.)

ALT+W pressure gun. Generally not used. (But it will be showier to kill people with this trick)

ALT+S sticks out the gun behind the bunker, and it is generally not used. (Note that the gun can only be extended from the right side of the bunker, and the angle is limited, not 90°, about 30-45°.)

The keypad PGUP and PGDN are adjusted to zero (closed position), generally used for sniper or precision rifle long-distance (over 200 meters or for headshots). If you have multiple mirrors, the adjusted value is calculated separately. Each adjustment will only change the current sight value.

The above is the full content of the hidden shortcut keys to escape from the Tarkov_Hidden shortcut keys list, I hope everyone likes it!


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