Animal Crossing New Horizons feels different

Animal Crossing New Horizons feels different. Historically, Nintendo’s life-sim series nearly always starts offevolved the identical: plunking your human character down right into a old fashioned town populated via animals. New Horizons, rather, starts offevolved with an information desk. Your person is peppered with questions by way of adorable raccoons Timmy and Tommy Nook, asking you all styles of questions on some thing known as a “Nook Getaway Package.”

You’ll be requested where you live, whether or not you want to go to the northern or southern hemisphere, and to provide your Nook Miles Ticket passport picture. You even get to pick from a series of four randomly generated island layouts. Just two mins in, the game already feels an awful lot extra concerned than its predecessors.

Following your verbal exchange with the Nook children, you’re flown to an island in order to be your new home. The first issue you’ll probable note — specifically in case you’ve spent plenty of time with the portable iterations of the franchise — is just how properly New Horizons looks. It’s nevertheless unmistakably Animal Crossing, with lovable, squat characters and a grid-based layout. But the whole lot is an awful lot more certain. My island changed into protected with a best layer of Cheap Nook Miles Ticket sparkly white snow, however you can nonetheless see the colourful wildflowers poking via and the brilliant pop of ripe peaches on the timber. I particularly loved the greater colourful water, which adds to the game’s natural charm.

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